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Report from Taiji: November 30

The greedy molesters kill again.

There is no rest for the Cove Guardians.  Today, yet agaiNovember 30, 2010November 30, 2010n, the molesters went to sea to harass and destroy.  Approximately twenty dolphins were killed today in Taiji.

For a long time, we have heard that thousands of dolphins are killed in Japan each year.  We have heard that approximately 2,000 are killed in Taiji each year.  There have been photos and film of bloody water and lifeless bodies.  The award-winning movie, The Cove, provided yet more evidence and we heard the voices of the doomed.

Sea Shepherd has done something new this year; something that has never been done before.  We have had a team on the ground in Taiji since the season began and this team has reported on each and every hunt, capture, enslavement, and slaughter.  There have been concerned people here on occasion in the past and the molesters would simply wait them out.  Not this season.  We have captured all of the once hidden and shameful deeds.  We have shown you the faces of the enslaved, separated, and dead.

If we do not see the faces, would the numbers have any less meaning?  Perhaps it is so.  It is easy to sanitize numbers, but these numbers have meaning.  These numbers have faces and voices.  They have families (or had).

The insanity of the dolphin and whale slaughter in Japan and by the Japanese government is no less real when all we see are numbers, but we will continue to show the faces, record the voices, and show the secretive acts of the molesters in Taiji until this ends.  Do not lose heart or faith in this struggle.  It will not end overnight, but if we do nothing, then it will end when all the dolphins have been exterminated.

Martyn and Kim on dutyMartyn and Kim on dutyThe laws must change in Japan to fit a modern world; to fit in a world that grows smaller each day as the human population continues to expand.  Old ways of thinking must give way to new in order for the planet to survive.  Actually, the planet will survive without us, but we will manage to kill off the biosphere and us with it.  If we cannot protect the top creatures of the seas, cetaceans, then we have no hope of protecting anything in the oceans.  This is where it needs to start.

Thank you to the citizens of Japan who are weighing these issues and beginning to take a stand to solve them.  Thank you to everyone who is on the front lines of this war.  This is a war to save ourselves from ourselves.  Without your calling and writing Japanese embassies and your own government, there will be no change.  Keep it up! Every time dolphins are pushed into the Cove, let them have it.  Every time there is blood in the water, let them have it.  Make good consumer choices.  Inform everyone you know about the tragedy here and how it is linked to the captive dolphin trade.  All who patronize a dolphin show have blood on their hands.

The annual IMATA conference begins in Boston on December 3.   The captive dolphin industry is the economic engine driving the slaughter and torment in Taiji.  Remember that friends do not let friends patronize dolphin shows.

Elora and I are now in Tokyo and we will be meeting with several press representatives tomorrow.  It is very encouraging that the subject of the Taiji dolphin slaughter is being covered, to some extent, in Japan.  We know that most Japanese citizens are unaware of the problem.  Thomas, Martyn, Kim, and Mia remain on duty in Taiji. Additional Cove Guardians are headed there to join them over the next couple of days.

Here is your opportunity to become a Cove Guardian.  To join us (voluntarily, and completely at your own cost and risk) in Taiji, write to us at  We will get back to you, but please be patient.  We cannot keep an eye on the Cove and answer email at the same time.  Contributions to Sea Shepherd to keep our official presence here are needed and welcome.  These contributions cover the costs for transportation, telephone, equipment, supplies, food, and lodging for the official Sea Shepherd representative.  We will remain here through the end of March and will return for the next season in September 2011.

For the Oceans,

Scott West
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Legal Dictionary
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