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Report from Taiji: October 15

It seems that there are a few writers who have posted comments on one or another of my daughter’s social media sites where the writers claim to be in Japan and are quite critical of me.  I say to them all that it is quite cowardly to hide behind your computer screen and make comments.  Perhaps you would instead be willing to tell me yourselves.  I am at the cove every day and I am not hard to find.  Come on down and let me know in person how you feel.


dolphin free cove
dolphin free cove

It was another nip and tuck day at the cove.  Eleven of the twelve hunter boats went out.  We spied a group of them way off on the horizon and they were clearly chasing dolphins as they careened back and forth.  The pod must have given them the slip and the boats disappeared again over the horizon.  It was tense waiting to see what would unfold.  Eventually they appeared again on the horizon, yet this time they were widely scattered and headed into port.  This is another dolphin-free day in the cove, although dolphins still are being held captive in the pens in the harbor.

We met a man today who had traveled all the way from Tokyo to see the cove for himself.  He noted that Taiji is a small and not widely known town in Japan.  He was amazed when I told him that Taiji is very well known in the west.  I listed the order of Japanese cities that most westerners would recognize.  I told him the order is Tokyo, Taiji, and Osaka.  He laughed.  It is good to see more and more intelligent Japanese people coming here to see for themselves.  The media in Japan has done such a poor job of presenting this issue.  It is too bad because all of Japan and Japanese people are being viewed negatively in the west because of Taiji.  You would think that the media would report on that.

Japanese supporters
Japanese supporters

Atsushi Nakahira represents a political party in Wakayama prefecture who hopes to unseat the current Wakayama governor in the November elections.  It is the Wakayama Governor who issues the dolphin hunting permits.  Mr. Nakahira has come out against the dolphin hunt and loudly (quite literally so via the loudspeakers on his vehicle) argues against it.  I will be joining him in a press conference in Wakayama City on October 20, to discuss the issues.

Tomorrow is another day.  The weather forecast is terrible.  It calls for calm seas and clear skies.  The weather does not turn good (for dolphins) until next week.

You can help.  Spread the word, send donations to the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian campaign, join in the Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day on November 5, avoid all travel to Japan except to become a Cove Guardian with us here in Taiji, make good consumer choices regarding whether or not to purchase Japanese products, and ensure that you do everything you can to keep the pressure on the Japanese authorities.  It is unfortunate that the reputation of an entire nation is being tarnished by the evil and shameful deeds of a handful of men in Taiji.  To join us (voluntarily, and completely at your own cost and risk) in Taiji, write to me at  I will get back to you, but please be patient.  I cannot keep an eye on the Cove and answer email at the same time.

For the Oceans,

Scott West
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Click here to learn more about the 5 November 2010 Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day.

The Blog Log:
• My daughter, Elora Malama, has been with me here since day one and keeps a blog of her experiences.
• Cove Guardians John and Jackie Legg have a blog about their experience here.  Jackie has made a short post about their return and perhaps she will post another one once they have collected their thoughts.  I encourage everyone to check out this link.
• Future Cove Guardians Tarah and Carolyn have started blogs about their endeavors.
• The Taiji Dolphin Action Group blog.

a proper use for the cove
a proper use for the cove


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