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Report from Taiji: October 29 (new video)

Typhoon Chaba continues to bear down on Taiji Harbor. The dolphin hunting boats and coastal whaling boats have been tied up in anticipation of the heavy storm. It was a good day in Taiji.

The baby dolphins taken by the trainers from the killing cove have been found in the Taiji whale museum. There are currently two youngsters and one adult in a concrete and glass display tank at the museum. Perhaps there were only three in the skiff, or perhaps the fourth one has already died. These three will likely die soon. In the short video, the youngsters are floating in the foreground, and the small adult is in the background. The adult remained in the corner, chewing on the concrete ledge.

video: Sea Shepherd

Culture: Food and Tradition

When there were far fewer humans on the planet and human technology was not so advanced, humans could live in isolated pockets. They could kill indiscriminately (including other humans) and dump poisons into the environment as they developed industry and technology without seeing the impacts of their actions on the earth’s ecosystem and balance. They could marvel at the mysteries of the universe and build systems of thought and action around superstition and misinformation. They could call it good.

For good or ill, those days are now gone. There are too many humans on the planet. Too many humans for the planet to sustain and too many for each of us, or any group of us, to remain ignorant to the fact that what we do and the choices we make impact the entire ecosystem. The climate is changing because of human activity. The seas are emptying of life and dying because of human activity. The air, land, and waters are poisoned. Much of our food is poisoned. Denying these facts does not negate them.

I have no desire to instruct others in how to earn their living, what to eat, or what gods to honor. It is imperative though for each and every one of us (humans on earth) to acknowledge that we are on the same planet and are intricately connected to one another, our environment, and the other creatures with which we share this planet. It is imperative for our collective well being that we stop giving credence to “cultural” claims when the “cultural” activities imperil the health of the planet.

There is no way around the fact that the Japanese assault on whales and dolphins imperils the health of the planet. Most Japanese people, if they knew about the slaughter of dolphins and children being fed mercury-contaminated food in Taiji, would cry out for change. Unfortunately, their government keeps them in the dark, but they all must live with the shame in the eyes of the world brought on them by the actions of a few men and women in Taiji.

Cultural arguments to continue the harassment, enslavement, and slaughter of dolphins and whales are empty and have no merit. Arguments to continue based on the need for jobs are equally invalid. History has proven many times that humans can change when they decide to do so or are forced to do so. The dolphin molesters of Taiji can change too.

You can help. Spread the word, send donations to the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian campaign, join in the Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day on November 5, avoid all travel to Japan except to become a Cove Guardian with us here in Taiji, make good consumer choices regarding whether or not to purchase Japanese products, and ensure that you do everything you can to keep the pressure on the Japanese authorities. It is unfortunate that the reputation of an entire nation is being tarnished by the evil and shameful deeds of a handful of men and women in Taiji. To join us (voluntarily, and completely at your own cost and risk) in Taiji, write to me at I will get back to you, but please be patient. I cannot keep an eye on the Cove and answer email at the same time.

For the Oceans,

Scott West
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Click here to learn more about the 5 November 2010 Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day.

Taiji harbor anticipating the typhoonTaiji harbor anticipating the typhoon

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