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Gulf Rescue continuesSea Shepherd's Operation Gulf Rescue Continues Six Months After Spill - Wednesday will mark six months since BP's oil began spewing into the Gulf of Mexico  last April.  The oil is no longer flowing from the well, but the impact from the use of "dispersant" chemicals that have been sprayed all over the water and coastal areas, continues.  The devastation to marine life and entire ecosystems from this environmental disaster is just beginning to be understood. read more
Operation Black WaterOperation Black Water in Cuba Triumphs in the Name of Sea Life - In what was supposed to have been an overt operation of collaboration between the independent South American arm of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Cuban institutions, ended up becoming an underground operation due to restrictions imposed by the Castro morearticle-separator-lt-grey-480x1
Deepwater HorizonSea Shepherd at Deepwater Ground Zero - Everyone is wondering whether BP and the US government are doing enough to protect and clean up the Gulf of Mexico from the horrendous spill originating at the Deepwater Horizon oilrig. After 10 hours of flying over the disaster area, we can tell you that they are more
news_100517_1_1_oil_bird_thumbGulf Rescue Campaign - The British Petroleum (BP) deep-sea oil breach in the Gulf of Mexico is turning into the largest and most destructive oil spill in history. It is a priority emergency and a massive assault on a major marine ecosystem.  We all need to come together to address this, and we need to do it quickly.... read more


Sea Shepherd flies to Deepwater Horizon ground zero


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Deepwater Oil Spill

The oil spill caused by British Petroleum (better known as “BP”) in the Gulf of Mexico is the most significant manmade environmental disaster in the history of the United States. President Obama has made his opinion on this very public, and there is not a genuine conservationist on the planet who would disagree with him. Recriminations can come later; saving animals and habitats should be the immediate focus of every able environmentalist and conservation group who can do anything to help.  read more

BP oil rig on fire

Operation Gulf Rescue

Sea Shepherd's early reconnaissance efforts in the Gulf have already revealed, and documented photographically, that the consequences of this oil leak will be very longterm and widespread and may not be recognized or understood for years to come.  Thousands of seabirds in nesting colonies on the Gulf's offshore islands are now sitting on hatchlings, and their only available food supply is badly contaminated fish. Even if we could clean the feathers of every oiled bird and the bodies of every oiled sea turtle, we cannot prevent them from eating oiled fish and oiled jellyfish. The booms being set in place around these fragile islands barely catch the surface oil, but less than 2% of the oil being leaked into the sea actually makes it to the surface! New ideas are needed for how to render the in situ oil harmless to wildlife in the short and long term, and volunteers and equipment will be needed to implement these new techniques. Sea Shepherd volunteers have the passion, skills, and experience to make a real contribution in the Gulf. People know that Sea Shepherd gets the job done! We don't just protest and write horror stories of what we see; we go out and do something real to help the oceans and her wildlife.

We will do everything within our power to help rescue and protect the ocean ecosystems and marine life in the Gulf of Mexico, by land, air, or sea.  All volunteers going to the Gulf will be certified in operations involving hazardous materials and treatment of oiled wildlife, and they will be experienced and skilled in all required areas, including boat handling, wildlife capture, transport, and treatment, and they will be approved by local authorities to support ongoing efforts in the Gulf. We have tremendously qualified volunteers standing by and readying themselves with further training. Now we need YOUR help to fund the boat and other equipment to get us there and get us to work.  read more