Sea Shepherd Logs

Sea Shepherd Logs

The Sea Shepherd Log is the annual newsletter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
and contains educational information on marine issues, updates on current laws
and legislation, and updates on Sea Shepherd programs and activities.

Readers are welcome to reprint unsigned articles without additional permission but must include
credit to ”Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Friday Harbor, WA.”

2011-2012 Newsletter 69

Log #69 - 2011-2012

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2010-2011 Newsletter 68

Log #68 - 2010-2011

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2009-2010 Newsletter 67

Log #67 - 2009-2010

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2008 Newsletter 66

Log #66 - 2008



Newsletter 65

Log #65 Winter 2007

This 30th Anniversary edition of our newsletter describes the success of Operations Leviathan and Migaloo as we saved whales in the Southern oceans. We also describe our efforts around the world, including Taiji, Japan and in the Galapagos Islands.  Highlighted are our "Crew Members of the Year" and our presence in Australia.  Also included is a special four page insert highlighting, "The Shepherds of the Sea" poem by Paul Watson.


Log #64 Fall-Winter 2006

We announce our new vessel the Robert Hunter which departs along with our flagship the Farley Mowat for Antarctic waters to find and stop the illegal Japanese whalers. We introduce our new Board Member Persia White and share a flashback to our 1986 whale campaign in Iceland. This issue includes updates on activities in Australia and the Galapagos, a passionate message from the Captain, and information about the whales we are protecting in the Antarctic.



Log #63 Fall-Winter 2005

We report on our ambitious expedition to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary of Antarctica to protect whales from the illegal Japanese whalers. Includes updates on our programs in the Galapagos, promoting the Boycott of Canadian Seafood to stop the harp seal slaughter; Sea Shepherd Eleven court case; and profiles on many dedicated crewmembers and volunteers.



Log #62: Spring-Summer 2005

Includes a recap of the Spring 2005 Seal Campaign where the Sea Shepherd ship and crew journeyed to the ice floes of Eastern Canada; overview of other campaigns including stopping bottom trawlers in the Grand Banks, Sea Shepherd continues its work to stop longlining in the Galapagos Islands, dolphin killing Taiji, and shark finning for shark fin soup. We also announce our planned giving program - the Shepherds Forever Society.


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