Actrice Anne Menden steunt Baltic Sea campagne

donderdag, 13 Jul, 2017

German actress and Sea Shepherd ambassador Anne Menden joins the crew of the Emanuel Bronner to protect the critically endangered harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea.

Planning strategy on the M/V Emanuel Bronner. Photo by Sea Shepherd.

This will be her third campaign for the protection of the oceans after previously participating in Sea Shepherd’s pilot whale defence campaigns Operation Grindstop 2014 and Operation Sleppid Grindini 2015 in the Danish Faroe Islands.

“I'm  looking forward to starting my third campaign with Sea Shepherd and I am proud to be part of Germany’s first campaign in the Baltic Sea. The problems our oceans are facing do not solely concern other countries. Action to protect marine wildlife is also needed on our very own doorstep”, said Anne Menden.

“While I was preparing for this campaign I was quite shocked to learn that most people are not even aware of the fact that whales are native to German coasts. It therefore makes our campaign even more important as our harbor porpoises are critically endangered and there is an urgent need to get this situation under control. Among others this includes raising public awareness about the presence of these animals as well as investigating the causes for their endangerment.”

“We will do everything in our power to defend these animals with the help of a successful campaign and I am once again grateful and happy to receive so much support from so many people out there.”

Anne Menden
Anne Menden on the M/V Emanuel Bronner. Photo by Sea Shepherd.

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