Shark Defense Campaign

Apex Harmony - Oost Timor 2017

Between 100-200 million sharks are killed each year globally. One of the main driving forces is the demand for shark fin soup in Southeast Asian countries. Operation Apex Harmony's mission is to use the M/V Ocean Warrior patrol vessel to track down the commercial vessels illegally fishing for sharks in the waters of East Timor.

Albacore 2016/17

Fighting illegal fishing in Gabon, West Africa.

Nyamba 2017

Sea turtle defense on the French island of Mayotte

Bloody Fjords 2016/17

Pilot Whale Defense Campaign in the Faroe Islands

Jairo Med 2017

Sea turtle defense in the Mediterranean Sea

Apex Harmony - Oost Timor 2017

Fighting illegal shark fishing in East Timor

Siracusa 2017

Defending the Plemmirio Marine Reserve in Italy

Nemesis 2016/17

Our 11th Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign

Sola Stella 2017

Combatting Illegal Fishing in Liberia, West Africa

Baltic Sea Campaign 2017

Defending harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea

Sea Shepherd Dive

Join the global dive community making a difference

Sea Shepherd Tattoo

Sea Shepherd Tattoo in Amsterdam

Steun Sea Shepherd

Steun Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd Merchandise

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