Latest Campaign

Sola Stella 2017-2019

She Shepherd has partnered with the Liberian Coast Guard to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the West African coastal waters of Liberia.

Albacore 2016-2018

Fighting illegal fishing in Gabon, West Africa.

Nyamba 2017

Sea turtle defense on the French island of Mayotte

Bloody Fjords 2016/17

Pilot Whale Defense Campaign in the Faroe Islands

Jairo Med 2017

Sea turtle defense in the Mediterranean Sea

Sola Stella 2017-2019

Combatting Illegal Fishing in Liberia, West Africa

Apex Harmony - Oost Timor 2017

Fighting illegal shark fishing in East Timor

Siracusa 2017

Defending the Plemmirio Marine Reserve in Italy

Nemesis 2016/17

Our 11th Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign

Sola Stella 2017

Combatting Illegal Fishing in Liberia, West Africa

Sea Shepherd Dive

Join the global dive community making a difference

Sea Shepherd Tattoo

Sea Shepherd Tattoo in Amsterdam

Baltic Sea Campaign 2017

Defending harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea

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