Pilot whale and dolphin defense campaign in the Faroe Islands and Denmark

Operation Bloody Fjords.

Pilot Whale Defense Campaign
Operation Bloody Fjords

Every year, up to 1,000 migrating pilot whales and other dolphins are hunted and brutally killed in the Danish protectorate of the Faroe Islands in a practice known as the ‘grindadráp’ or ‘grind.’ The cruel and bloody practice continues with the support of the Danish government, in conflict with Denmark's international legal obligations. Operation Bloody Fjords heralds a new direction for Sea Shepherd as the organization takes its battle against the grindadráp to the heart of the Faroese and Danish institutions that continue to promote this outdated practice.

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Infringement Procedure Against Denmark

With the formal support of 27 Members of the European Parliament, Sea Shepherd Netherlands has officially submitted a request to the European Commission to launch infringement proceedings against Denmark for facilitating the slaughter of pilot whales and other cetaceans in the Faroe Islands.

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Operation Bloody Fjords
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