Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio

woensdag, 11 Jul, 2018

The Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio is open since March 10th 2018 and is officially registered and approved by the Amsterdam Health inspection (GGD). 

Sea Shepherd Tattoo has been set up by Sea Shepherd Global’s Artistic Director and tattoo artist Geert Vons as a unique way to raise awareness as well as to raise funds for Sea Shepherd’s direct-action campaigns. Over 25 years ago Geert started as a volunteer for Sea Shepherd and worked as a tattoo artist, as well as painter/artist. Now, after having left the tattoo gun for years, he started tattooing again. We want to promote Sea Shepherd and the marine wildlife and the care for the ocean in an artistic way. All profits go to Sea Shepherd!

A month after the official opening of the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam, we announced our partnership with Tattooland at the Tattoo Expo Bologna (April 6 – 8, 2018) and presented a line of Sea Shepherd branded vegan tattoo ink. The black and grey set of six bottles (lining black, deep black and four grey washes) is available for worldwide shipment to professional artists through Tattooland ( Part proceeds go to Sea Shepherd and will support our global campaigns.

The slideshow below shows examples of tattoos created by Sea Shepherd Artistic Director Geert Vons. 

tattoo humpback 1
tattoo humpback 2
tattoo orca 1
tattoo turtle 1
tattoo crab
tattoo pilot whale
tattoo Jack Sparrow
tattoo turtle 2
tattoo sharktooth
tattoo turtle 3
tattoo dolphin & spermwhale

Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio
Alexander Boersstraat 52
1071 KZ Amsterdam 

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