New Lessons Added to the Free Sea Shepherd Education Program

vrijdag, 14 Okt, 2022

The free Sea Shepherd Education program on LessonUp's platform aims to give even the youngest of students the understanding to be part of the movement to save the ocean and marine wildlife.  To provide more opportunities for students to learn about these issues, our volunteer education team have created 12 new programs, with a series of lessons for each topic.  

Check out the new educational programs here:

These lessons use first-hand experience from Sea Shepherd campaigns to show what is taking placeon the frontlines, supporting topics covering ocean pollution, overfishing, threats to the biodiversity and survival of species, our impacts on the ocean and laws governing the sea. Students can learn how, as global citizens, their everyday actions can have far reaching impacts, and explore the ways they can help to turn the tide in the fight for the ocean.

Open and free for both teachers and students of all ages, the education platform includes fun activities, quizzes, and slide shows in addition to the educational lessons, now in multiple languages. 

Find more resources at the Sea Shepherd Education website:



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