Sea Shepherd renews commitment for World Oceans Day

vrijdag, 07 Jun, 2019

For World Oceans Day 2019, Sea Shepherd Global celebrates the progress we’ve made towards the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal #14: "Life Below Water".

Sea Shepherd crew, Eco-Benin, and Benin authorities working onboard the Bob Barker for Operation Guegou. Photo by Rebecca Griffiths/Sea Shepherd.
Operation Albacore, Gabon and São Tomé & Príncipe: since 2016
Captain Peter Hammarstedt and Gabonese authorities on Operation Albacore. Photo by Tony Fenn James/Sea Shepherd.
Operation Sola Stella, Liberia: since 2017
Liberian Coast Guard soldiers boarding the F/V Labiko 2 during Operation Sola Stella. Photo by Melissa Romao/Sea Shepherd.
Operation Jodari, Tanzania: since 2018
Inspection of a fishing vessel on Operation Jodari. Photo by Jax Oliver/Sea Shepherd.
Operation Guegou, Benin: since 2019
Sea Shepherd's first patrol in Benin for Operation Guegou. Photo by Rebecca Griffiths/Sea Shepherd.
Sea Shepherd Global’s Voluntary Commitment for the Oceans #17190

Formally registered at the United Nations Ocean Conference in June 2017, Sea Shepherd Global’s Voluntary Commitment #17190 – “Partnership with African Coastal States to Eradicate IUU Fishing in their Sovereign Waters by 2020" – highlights Sea Shepherd’s mission to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife and their ocean habitat since 1977.

Although national laws and international agreements exist to protect their coastal waters and marine reserves from overfishing and illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, Sea Shepherd’s IUU Task Force provides ships and crew which the partner government agencies such as the Coast Guard can use for both long-term training and capacity-building, as well as for patrolling the coastal waters and boarding any vessels suspected of IUU fishing. These partnerships with African Coastal States aim to put an end to the unchecked poaching and IUU fishing that takes place in the Exclusive Economic Zone waters of these sovereign nations.

After the establishment of Operation Albacore (Gabon and São Tomé & Príncipe, 2016) and Operation Sola Stella (Liberia, 2017) in the Gulf of Guinea, Sea Shepherd expanded its mission into East Africa in January 2018 through a new partnership with the Tanzanian government (Operation Jodari). Our latest partnership in Benin (Operation Guegou) was announced after its inaugural patrol in May 2019.

"Sea Shepherd's campaigns to assist African coastal states to combat illegal fishing through innovative at-sea patrols commenced when partnering with Gabon in 2016. Since then, these unique 'ship rider' partnerships have resulted in the arrest of 30 vessels for illegal fishing and other fishing crimes. Sea Shepherd and its government partners recognize the need for a regional approach to fisheries enforcement and are now expanding operations to include other countries."

Captain Peter Hammarstedt, Sea Shepherd Global’s Director of Campaigns.
Photo and banner by Christian Vizl.